Crate Your Cartoon Face Avatar

Today, I would like to share how to create your cartoon face avatar like this.

The cartoon faces are crate by website and how to use it is very simple. Please follow detailed step-by-step.

1. Go to


3. Click at CREATE

4. Select sex

5. Try to mix and match. There are several options that you can play such as faces, hair sets, clothes, background, glasses, etc. You can try until you are happy with it then press FINNISH.

6. The website will ask you again what you want either continue editing (click CANCEL) or downloading (click OK). I press OK.

7. Add your details.

8. Wait until completion.

9. If your avatar is completely created, you avatar will be sent to your mail within 30 minutes. Actually, I did not wait that long. It took me only few minutes before email is sent to me. Please make sure that you check “junk mail” folder as well because somehow the email is automatically sent to the junk mail.


This is my Avatar.


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