Change hair color using Photoshop

I have not been writing Photoshop articles for awhile and today I would like to share how to use the Photoshop to change hair color. Let’s take a book before/after photo.


1. Open your image.

2. Select the Magnetic Lasso Tool from a Tool Pallet. The reason that I select the Magnetic Lasso Tool because this tool will help you create selection easily.

3. Draw the Magnetic Lasso Tool around hair. This tool will create the path automatically based on contrast between colors; therefore, you will be able to create selection pretty easy.

4. Draw the Magnetic Lasso Tool around and double click to create selection around the hair.

5. Go to Select>Modify>Feather or press Alt +Ctrl +D

6. Input feather value. I use 10 pixels. This step is to create smooth selection.

7. Go to Layer>New Fill Layer>Solid Color

8. Change mode to Soft Light, then press OK

9. Color pallet will be popped up and you can select color which will be hair color. For this example, I select brown.

10. You will see that you already have the girl with brown hair. However, you need to fix some part of her hair.

11. Go to the layer pallet and select the Layer Mask area

12. Select brush tool and assign white as brush color

13. Adjust its size and opacity. For this step, you may need to trial and error for few times in order to get the right brush size.

14. Please remember that painting white is used to add details. It means that we will paint into some area where hair is not brown yet. On the other hand, painting black is used to hide some details and we use it for some parts which we don’t want brown. For this step, you need to practice using brush and layer mask. There may be few times of trial and error before you get satisfied result. Try to paint until you get a good result.

15. If you want to change colors, you can go to the layer pallet. Double click at the color fill layer

16. Change colors and click OK.

17. This is new hair color.

I wish this tutorial would be helpful for you.


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